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HMRC identify more NMW avoiders

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The National Minimum Wage has been in the news again lately. HMRC have released details of 70 more companies, to add to 92 names already published, who have been found to be avoiding paying the NMW. Whilst this second list appears to only include... Read more

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It is interesting to see the current promotion of careers for girls by DWP and partners. We support this, but have our own take. With just 17% of social care staff male and a limited pool of potential employees in Oxfordshire, we say that... Read more

Oxfordshire receives share of DCLG £25million

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Oxfordshire is one of 65 local authorities who will receive a share of £25 million from the Department for Communities and Local Government. Ahead of the April introduction of the Better Care Fund, DCLG is providing a total of £37 million of... Read more