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Breaking the Cycle

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The NHS through Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group and its NHS providers (OUH & OH) and Oxfordshire County Council are planning a week of activity to improve clients’ experience when they arrive at hospital or are ready to return... Read more

Oxford Mail to cover Question Time

We are very pleased that The Oxford Mail will be covering Adult Social Care Question Time. Live blogging has proved a popular way of covering current events and linking the event through Twitter will mean that those who can't attend in person can... Read more

Healthwatch recommendations for resident involvement ethos

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Healthwatch Oxfordshire has completed a project to examine good practice in engaging with relatives and residents in care homes looking at existing best practice guidelines. Their Relatives and Residents Groups Report is published for the... Read more

Adult Social Care Question Time

We're delighted to announce the panel members for this important debate: Panel Chair - Helen Baker, Chair of Dimensions UK; Alan Harris - UKIP candidate, Oxford West and Abingdon; Alex Meredith - Lib Dem candidate, Wantage; Duncan Enright... Read more