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Happy Coronanniversary

photo of a deflated balloon

The 23 March marks exactly two years since the Prime Minister announced the first covid-19 lockdown ordering people to 'stay at home'. Our normal lives were turned mentally upside-down and physically outside-in. This instruction was followed by... Read more

Getting back to normal

Photo of disabled young black man

ONS found that disabled people were more likely than non-disabled people to feel life would never return to normal as the pandemic restrictions were lifted, while non-disabled people were more likely to feel life was already back to... Read more

Lifetime cap on care costs draft guidance

image showing someone using a calculator

The government has published a draft version of its operational guidance for local authorities to implement the lifetime cap on care costs in order to consult on it. Three documents have been published: An overview of the consultation on... Read more

Thinking of Ukraine

Ukraine flag colours

The desperate situation in Ukraine makes us all think about what can we do individually. If you use social media you are probably aware of local collections via schools of sanitary products and baby food for the hundreds of thousands of refugees... Read more