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Social care workforce decrease

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Skills for Care has published their report, the size and structure of the adult social care workforce. For the first time since figures were recorded the adult social care workforce has shrunk. The figures back up at a national level what you... Read more

Formal Notice published for future data reporting

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DHSC has published the Formal Notice setting out what information is required by the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care from CQC-regulated adult social care providers, under section 277A of the Health and Social Care Act 2012, as inserted... Read more

Fair Cost Of Care collaborative image

Oxfordshire County Council have announced the arrangements for the local Fair Cost of Care exercise. Laing Buisson will be leading the data collation and the exercise started on 1 July, which hopefully you know already. The timeline has been... Read more

Barriers to care workers working longer hours

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Why wouldn't you want to reply to a provider-led survey? DHSC SE has asked for some quick research on the barriers to care workers working longer hours, and in particular the fact that we have large numbers of part-time workers. The stories that... Read more