Manifesto for adult social care

On 7 May, we all get the chance to tell aspiring politicians what we want from our next Government. Or rather we get the chance to choose, not so much a la carte, but a limited set menu of options.

Debate on adult social care has been not particularly high on anyone’s agenda during this campaign, despite the best efforts of all those who care for better care. Our Adult Social Question Time aims to draw out some of the thinking behind party policy and see the impact it might, or might not make on providers. Following the debate, we will publish a summary of the discussion as well as some of the key policy lines that if implemented will impact on social care provision and the businesses that provide services.

In the meantime, here is our Election Manifesto for 2015. A dozen key policy initiatives that we think would make a difference here in Oxfordshire and beyond. Some of these may happen, some may not, but if we don’t talk to policy makers, inform their decisions and then vote for better care, we have lost the opportunity for change.

X – Vote for adult social care on 7 May.