Oxfordshire DisUnited?

Pictures of Oxfordshire county splitting

Enough is Enough is deeply disappointed, but not surprised, that Cabinet recommended that Full Council adopt £69m of budget cuts to front-line services on 16 February. Whilst respecting the legal duty to provide for a balanced budget, this is a... Read more

Enough is Enough

95 days

An unprecedented alliance of voluntary sector organisations and care providers is today launching a campaign calling on Oxfordshire County Council to reconsider its 95 Budget Options currently out for consultation. The Enough is Enough coalition,... Read more

Time to speak up for the vulnerable in society

Today, The Oxford Times publishes a joint letter from a range of Oxfordshire providers concerned at the latest budget options proposed by Oxfordshire County Council. This unprecedented alliance demonstrates the strength of feeling at this latest... Read more

Number crunching the recruitment challenge

Where to start with a series of headlines over the past few weeks. The most alarming is the BBC News Report earlier in the week about soaring housing prices in Oxford and the surrounding area. The BBC says that a first step on the housing ladder... Read more

Dignity in Care Awards 2015

Do you know a care worker who, or service which provides outstanding care? OACP is sponsoring the Leadership in Dignity Award in this first cross-Oxfordshire social care awards. The Awards are led by Age UK Oxfordshire and Healthwatch... Read more

Why invest in learning and development?

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Why invest in learning and development? As an employer and provider of care services, you need to ensure that your workforce is competent to undertake their roles to high standards of professionalism, respect and sensitivity. As a good... Read more

Market Shaping Toolkit

The Institute of Public Care (IPC) at Oxford Brookes University have developed a Market Shaping Toolkit (MaST) supporting local authority and SME care provider innovation and collaboration. MaST supports both smaller care providers and local... Read more

Dignity in Care – a responsibility for all of us

At the beginning of this week, Age UK Oxfordshire and Healthwatch Oxfordshire jointly launched their project on Dignity in Care in Oxfordshire. This is a research project that OACP fully supports and below we provide links to opportunities for... Read more

Manifesto for adult social care

On 7 May, we all get the chance to tell aspiring politicians what we want from our next Government. Or rather we get the chance to choose, not so much a la carte, but a limited set menu of options. Debate on adult social care has been not... Read more

The Care Act is coming…

Last few weeks to the implementation of most of the Care Act. The Care Act 2014 is a new law about care and support for adults in England that will come into action in April 2015, making one new law saying what people will be able to get and what... Read more