Why invest in learning and development?

Why invest in learning and development?

As an employer and provider of care services, you need to ensure that your workforce is competent to undertake their roles to high standards of professionalism, respect and sensitivity.

As a good employer, you will be able to evidence the competence of your workers to deliver quality care services to appropriate regulators and to the commissioners of your services, whether local authorities or private individuals. However, there is a real need to ensure money and time are wisely spent on purchasing the right learning and development. All learning needs to deliver positive and meaningful outcomes for your workers, your business and the people who use your service.

There is a wide range of benefits from investment in qualifications. As a sector, we need to raise ambitions for a skilled workforce demonstrated through qualification achievements. Business benefits include:

Quality service – Completion of accredited qualifications develops a professional culture within the organisation and results in highly skilled and competent workers that support the provision of high-quality services for the people who you support.

Marketability –The achievement of accredited qualifications provides external validation for the quality of your workforce. They demonstrate current best practice to a benchmark in which you and the people who use your service can have confidence. Customer satisfaction is increased and the reputation of the organisation is enhanced both with new people you might support and when recruiting new workers.

Retention – Workers who receive structured learning and development feel valued, supported and engaged with their organisation. They develop confidence, self-esteem and greater job satisfaction and are more likely to remain in their post. This can reduce turnover meaning you are spending less on recruiting new workers.

Safety – You want to be sure that your workers contribute to the quality of care rather than making dangerous and expensive mistakes. Learning, development and qualifications in the key areas of health and safety provide reassurance about their confidence and competence.

In summary, developing your people and improving their skills can: ƒ

  • increase quality of work and personalised delivery of care services ƒ
  • improve customer satisfaction ƒ
  • improve employee motivation ƒ
  • reduce turnover and absenteeism ƒ
  • help you adapt to change and achieve business sustainability.
Taken from Skills for Care http://www.skillsforcare.org.uk/home.aspx