OACP Offers In-House Training 

Cost Saving
The cost per attendee is considerably less than sending the same number of attendees to an open course. Attendees need only go to their usual place of work, so there are no added parking or fuel costs.

The training is scheduled around the organisation’s service needs, minimising the impact in provision.

Customised Training
Training staff in-house enables training and learning to be focussed on the organisation’s tasks, contributing to productive discussion about real, current and relevant examples relating directly staff needs.

Organisational issues can be discussed within the confidentiality of the organisation’s staff group.
It provides a safe environment to discuss competitively sensitive issues and challenges.

Staff may prefer learning with colleagues, by training several staff together also means you can be sure of the consistency of their learning and development.

Team Building
In-house training can encourage team work and develop relationships between staff, along with improved awareness and understanding of each other’s roles.

Here at the Oxfordshire Association of Care Providers we can provide in-house training for your organisation.

For further information please contact Catherine on 01235 248085 or email [email protected]

In-House Training List 2019

OACP Members receive a *10% Members only discount* on all training listed below.

Dementia Awareness – HEE Tier 1
Half Day (3 Hour Course)

As Dementia Friends and a Dementia Champion and an advocate for the Alzheimer’s Society, we are proud that we can now offer this complete Dementia Awareness course as developed by Oxford Brookes University and supported by Health Education England.

Suitable as an introduction and appropriate for a Dementia Friend award from Alzheimer’s Society.  All those who complete the course are recognised as ‘dementia friends’ and reaches the standards as set by the Alzheimer’s Society.

Dignity in Care
Half Day (3 Hour Course)

This course is suitable for all levels of health care or trained staff working in all care environments. It promotes dignity, support and choice for all service users. Skills and knowledge attained as a result of attendance include delivery of a person-centred approach to care enabling service users to achieve and maintain the maximum level of independence, choice and control while promoting their needs and community participation.

Emergency First Aid at Work – Accredited
Full Day (6 Hour Course)

The Emergency First Aid at Work Course is a Level 2 Qualification and the qualification lasts for 3 years. Annual refresher courses are strongly advised and highly recommended.

Emergency First Aid at Work – Accredited
Annual Refresher
Half Day (3 Hour Course)

The Emergency First Aid at Work Refresher is an annual course and is strongly advised for best practice.

Equality and Diversity – Accredited
Half Day (3 Hour Course)

When making decisions, the Equality Act 2010 gives us a duty to take into account the need to:

  • eliminate discrimination, harassment and victimisation
  • advance equality of opportunity
  • foster good relations between different parts of the community

This covers, age, disability, gender reassignment, marital or civil partnership status, pregnancy and motherhood, race (including ethnic or national origin, colour and nationality), religion or belief (including lack of belief), sex and sexual orientation.

Effective Communication – Accredited
Half Day (3 Hour Course)

This course will show the importance of effective communication at work, including how to meet communication and language needs and preferences of individuals. How you and others around you can promote effective communication. It explains the principles and practices relating to confidentiality and the importance of handling information correctly.

Falls Awareness – Accredited
Half Day (3 Hour Course)

Every minute, six people over 65 suffer a fall. By the end of this course you will be able to define what is meant by falls in the workplace and explain the costs associated with them. Describe key legislation and demonstrate hazard analysis and risk assessment in relation to falls.

Fire Safety Awareness
Half Day (3 Hour Course)

The Fire Safety Awareness course is a three hour course covering basic fire prevention within the home and the work area. This is a Level 1 course and should be carried out on an annual basis.

  • Recognize Basic Fire Awareness.
  • Demonstrate and describe what to do in the event of an emergency.
  • Apply the principles of fire risk control.
  • Distinguish the different fire prevention measures.
  • Practice the safe use of First Aid Fire Appliances (FAFA’s).

Food Hygiene – Level 2 Accredited
Half Day (3 Hour Course)

The Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering is recognised by Environmental Health Officers as the benchmark for the assessment of food handlers in the UK. This course is for you, if you work in a Restaurant, Takeaway, Pub, Cafe, Guest House, Hotel, School, Works Canteen, Nursery, Care Services or anywhere you are preparing and/or handling food.

Health and Safety in the Workplace – Accredited
Half Day (3 Hour Course)

This course will provide a broad understanding of your obligations as an Employer, and good practice guidelines, in relation to the Health and Safety of your Employees and those you work with. Learners will also be encouraged to think through how these can be best applied in their particular workplace.

Infection Control – Accredited
Half Day (3 Hour Course)

It is an essential, though often under-recognized and under-supported, part of the infrastructure of health care. This course is part of the mandatory training care staff will need to attend to achieve their Care Certificate and is for all those needing an update on Infection Control.

Loss and Bereavement
Half Day (3 Hour Course)

This training session is open to anyone who is working within a healthcare environment. This course will create and increase the understanding of the processes involved when dealing with loss and bereavement. It highlights the need for empathetic and clear communication in a timely manner when dealing with expected death.

Moving and Assisting People Introduction
Full Day (6 Hour Course)

This course is designed to offer all staff a full day on Moving and Assisting People. It is suitable for all those entering the Care Industry and has no previous knowledge of this subject and Certificates of Training are valid for 3 years (CQC recommends refresher courses once a year).

This course is mapped to Care Certificate Standards 1, 3, 5, 6, 7 & 13.

Moving and Assisting People Refresher
Half Day (3 Hour Course)

The moving and handling of people is a regular task in health and social care, which if not done safely, can cause serious injury to service users and staff. The course aims to reduce the risk of injury to both the service user and the staff members. It will identify correct techniques and best practice.

This is a condensed training session and is designed specifically for those who have passed their Manual Handling Induction and are in need of a refresher for their CPD or Nurse Validation.

Half Day (4 Hour Course)

This Mental Capacity Act & Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (MCA & DoLS) course is designed for healthcare professionals to understand the mental health spectrum, the impact and prevalence of mental health and provide them with tools and skills for working with people with mental health difficulties.

Diabetes Awareness
Half Day (3 Hour Course)

The course will give the candidates an understanding of the signs and symptoms of diabetes. It is essential to be able to identify the signs of a diabetic attack and teach best practices in dealing with an emergency. We will cover general healthcare and different types of Diabetes including 1 and 2. We will also look at complications and symptoms as well as medication.

Nutrition and Hydration – Accredited
Half Day (3 Hour Course)

The simplest way to providing nutritional care is to encourage people to eat the right foods and drink to meet their nutritional requirements. All staff need to adhere to the standards set by the organisation in delivering quality person centered nutritional care.

This course covers all aspects of good communication and documentation of nutritional care. It covers effective meal planning and understanding of nutritional recommendations and guidelines. It will show the learner the correct usage of nutritional supplements and how to communicate with the families. We also cover ideas about food presentation for healthier eating and how to prevent weight loss or gain.

Safeguarding Adults – Accredited
Half Day (3 Hour Course)

This training is suitable for any workers, regardless of the role, and regardless of whether you are a paid employee or a volunteer. Staff who have the responsibility of caring for vulnerable adults need to understand the processes which aim to protect those service users. It is vitally important that staff understand the issues and know how to deal with them should they arise.

Safeguarding Adults for Managers – Accredited
Half Day (3 Hour Course)

The protection of vulnerable adults is absolutely imperative to those who work with vulnerable adults on a part-time or full-time basis. This course is aimed at Team Leaders or Managers whose responsibility for caring for vulnerable adults and ensuring carers adhere to legislation.

Train the Trainer
Full Day (6 Hour Course)

Many people are finding themselves in a position where training is becoming an essential part of their role, either to service users and/or staff members. This is a dynamic course designed to give you a thorough insight to attain the skills needed to deliver that training whether you are already delivering it or moving into the role. It covers many aspects of the Award of Education and Training (formerly PTLLS) including designing lesson plans, evaluating your training, examples of ice-breakers and varied styles of assessment.

We have a very hands-on approach to training and there will be opportunities throughout the day to contribute towards the learning session.  All participants will be issued with a certificate of attendance at the end of the day which can be used for your CPD.

Train the Trainer Moving & Assisting (2-day Passport Scheme)
2 Full Days (2 x 6 Hour Courses)

To complete this qualification candidates will need to attend both days. This course can be taken without a formal Training Qualification (such as PTLLS or AET) as you will receive a certificate of attendance covering all aspects of training others from the first day. However, the qualification gained at the end of the two days will only be valid in your current working environment and cannot be transferred.

Train the Trainer Medication Administration (2-day Passport Scheme)
2 Full Days (2 x 6 Hour Courses)

To complete the qualification candidates will need to attend both days. All candidates should have completed basic medication awareness at level 2 and have a minimum of 2 years’ experience in the relevant sector. Please ensure bookings are only made for the relevant candidates as we cannot refund once the course has begun. The certificate is valid for 2 years.

This course is mapped to Care Certificate Standards 1, 3, 5, 6, 10 & 14.

Verification of Death
Half Day (3 Hour Course)

End of life care can be particularly challenging for healthcare professionals, who must from time to time both anticipate and prepare for an expected death while at the same time relay the unfortunate information to the patient and their loved ones.

This course is for Registered Nurses working in Residential Homes, Nursing Homes or other community settings, who wish to take on the extended role of verification of expected death. It is not limited to any particular setting or situation, but enables the nurse to understand the procedure to verify death within the contexts of both expected and unexpected death (and the particular considerations for both situations).

To discuss your requirements, please contact Hannah on 01235 248085 or email [email protected]