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The platform for outstanding care management

Our platform gathers insights to help you allocate resources and speeds up your day-to-day tasks, so you can focus more on those in need.

Easy and intuitive, it can be used in any setting, without the need for extensive training. Designed alongside support workers and service users, it’s the platform of choice for enriching the lives of everyone in care.

Get time back

We can’t make the days longer (it would be our superpower of choice!) but we can definitely help you be as efficient as possible, through our simple and user-friendly software.

Save money

We believe every service should have access to technology that makes caring easier, without the expensive price tag.

Deliver person-centred care

Our platform puts clients and service users at the heart of the planning, management and review of their care.

Easily create reports

Our technology gives you everything you need to improve your oversight and help ace your inspections and reviews.

Keep your data safe

We’ve worked with a team of security experts to develop robust measures to keep you and your service users’ data safe.

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