15 minutes is not enough

Picture of Beth Britton, dementia campaigner

The recent blog by Beth Britton goes right to the heart of why 15 minute visits are not acceptable.

Not just for people with dementia, but for people with a learning disability, a physical disability, including acquired brain injury , or any other condition. Social care is not a call centre, that’s why it is fabulous to work in.

As Beth says:

“I couldn’t get out of bed, make a cup of tea, cut, toast and butter my breakfast bread, use the loo, have a wash and get dressed within my 15-minutes. Something had to give for me to make my target, in fact quite a lot had to give in the end, as I like a shower rather than a quick rub over with a damp flannel, I needed to blow-dry my hair, and we’d run out of butter for the toast, so I had to pop to the shop.”

Can you get ready in 15 minutes? Every day?