Barriers to care workers working longer hours

image of quick survey
Why wouldn’t you want to reply to a provider-led survey?
DHSC SE has asked for some quick research on the barriers to care workers working longer hours, and in particular the fact that we have large numbers of part-time workers.
The stories that we usually have are:
  • lack of childcare during work hours
  • benefits rules meaning loss of money if people take on extra, etc.
We are working with the Department of Health to carry out some research on care staff working hours and whether there are any changes that Government could make to allow individuals to carry out more full-time work to alleviate some of the pressures on the social care workforce. The hope is that we can then work with the department to lobby for changes so that some of these barriers can be removed. Below are a series of questions based on your experience in your role – we would really appreciate any answers that you can give.
  1. For your part-time staff what are the main reasons given for them only working part-time in your experience?
  2. What are the main reasons given by staff for not taking on additional hours when asked to?
  3. What changes do you think employers or government could make that would enable your staff to work more hours when required?
For ease of collection we have created a quick 2-minute survey that can collate the results, please click on the link here