The adult social care miracle

Sadly, another home care provider exited the market this week in Oxfordshire. It’s too early to judge the causes of this withdrawal, but we congratulate the tireless work of the Registered Manager and staff at Cherwell Care, as well as Oxfordshire County Council colleagues, who worked in partnership to ensure continuity of care for vulnerable people affected. These actions will doubtless fail to make the headlines.

The latest provider exit reminds us of the continued frailty of adult social care, an issue that Government continues to kick into the long grass – Newsnight [32:45 onwards] on 1 August provided no hope that Government has grasped the nettle that continues to sting local services and communities. Indeed, we begin to get a sense that actually Government doesn’t really care that much.

Adult social care relies on a balanced equation of commercial expertise and public funding (to a large extent) to provide care for millions of vulnerable people. That adult social care providers run efficient and sustainable businesses is an increasingly challenging market place is miraculous. But every now and then, the mask slips and we see the reality behind.

How long before the whole show collapses?