Advocacy volunteers for care homes

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SEAP is putting in a bid to the Health and Social Care Volunteering Fund to develop a project around advocacy provision in care homes through volunteers.

This is an exciting new area of work and one that will have many benefits for residents, their families and the care homes themselves to demonstrate that they are listening to the voices of the residents and giving them opportunities to speak up about what is important to them.

The project will be run by volunteers with a paid co-ordinator and will be a service offered free of charge to the care home thanks to the funding.

OACP encourages and supports the role of advocacy and user involvement. SEAP are a respected national provider of a range of advocacy services for social care and the NHS. Advocacy can help care homes demonstrate that they are committed to high quality care, improves communication between the residents and staff and is an important way for them to attract new clients too. For the residents themselves it gives them an independent person to speak to, to help them voice their thoughts and opinions and resolve any issues that they have with aspects of their care. CQC will look favourably upon care homes supporting residents to speak up.

For more information contact SEAP and ask for Kate Hill.