Breaking the Cycle

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The NHS through Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group and its NHS providers (OUH & OH) and Oxfordshire County Council are planning a week of activity to improve clients’ experience when they arrive at hospital or are ready to return home. While much of the health initiatives will be about work in hospitals, there will be areas that Adult Social Services will be involved in.

  • Increasing social care support to the hospital emergency department: OCC will ensure more social workers are present in the hospital emergency department. This will help to ensure that people who arrive at hospital are assessed more quickly and that those who do not need to be in hospital are provided with other avenues for support promptly and at an appropriate time.
  • Reducing bureaucracy: With health colleagues OCC will be trialling new arrangements to speed up internal processes that reduce the amount of forms needed to complete when a person is in hospital.
  • Improving arrangements to source care packages and placements: OCC will be co-locating Placement Teams and Quality and Contracts Team at County Hall. The aim is to bring together knowledge into a single team ‘hub’ to aid the prompt identification of appropriate care packages and placements.

The focused activity will run from Thursday 23- Thursday 29 April.

Breaking the Cycle is an NHS England initiated project aiming to make hospital processes work more efficiently internally and in collaboration with external partners.