Budget Options: Consultation Summary

95 days

Oxfordshire County Council received 3,631 online responses to the consultation launched in October on potential budget savings options for the period 2016-20. In addition:

  • more than 450 people attended 4 public meetings;
  • 40 formal responses were received from partner organisations;
  • 4 petitions were received totaling over 2,000 signatures;
  • 223 emails and letters were received.

The consultation closed on November 30.

The concerns expressed by the Enough is Enough alliance of voluntary sector and care providers including OACP were expressed in the summary documents:

  • The need to protect the most vulnerable in society.
  • Concern about the closure of health and well-being centres, including negative impact on service users and their carers, cascading pressures to others services.
  • The need to lobby/challenge government and make representations about the Council’s financial situation.
  • Concern that reducing expenditure on these services may actually cost the County Council and NHS more in the long run.
  • Growing resistance to Government budget cuts.
  • The Council’s Performance Scrutiny will examine the consultation on Thursday 18 December.

The Full Cabinet will recommend a budget on 26 January and this  decision will be considered by all 63 Oxfordshire County Councillors on 16 February.

The budget will then be revisited and refreshed in each individual year in the four year period up to 2020.

A summary of the Consultation responses to the 95 Budget Options is available on the County Council web-site.