#ColdHardFacts winter 2017/18 campaign

Do you know someone who is having to choose between heating and eating? They don’t have to.

#ColdHardFacts is a campaign led by Better Housing Better Health and supported by Public Health to support vulnerable people in cold weather.

  • Most cold related ill health and death happens when it’s between 4 and 8°C.
  • Heart attacks and strokes are more likely than hypothermia during cold spells.
  • GP visits for breathing problems go up by 19% for every 1°C drop below 5°C during cold spells.
  • Keep yourself warm and well.


Struggling to keep your main living room at 18°C, or 21°C if you are home all day)?

Find out how to keep your home warm, call 0800 107 0044

The Freephone helpline is staffed by people who have information out about local grants & loans, boiler or insulation schemes.  People may be eligible for a home energy visit, which includes some basic energy saving measures being installed, as well as a more in-depth assessment and advice on how residents can stay affordably warm.

More information at http://www.bhbh.org.uk/

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