Quality improvement in Oxfordshire

The news that Oxfordshire has improved its care quality is to be welcomed. All reputable care providers set out to provide good quality care and in Oxfordshire we have seen an improvement in the ratings given by the Care Quality Commission. However, improvement comes at a cost and Oxfordshire now appears to be the most expensive place in the country to buy care. This doesn’t come as surprise as we said in November 2015, and again in February and March referencing housing and employment. Add in hidden costs, such as eye-watering inspection fee rises and sometimes it feels a miracle that any care provider finds a margin to enable their business to operate. That they do is down to remarkable business acumen and a passion for care.

Oxfordshire has a unique place in England, being commutable to London and Birmingham, having two universities, one world famous and the other voraciously growing, all in the most rural county in south east England with a sizeable chunk of inherited family money to boot. Oxfordshire is an expensive place to live and work. Care providers have to be able to compete in the local employment market with an unusual restricted ceiling for most of its customer funding.

To be able to operate in this context and increase quality of care is a cause for celebration. We now have two outstanding home care agencies operating in the County in My Carer, Faringdon and Caretree Ltd and two outstanding care homes in Vale House, Sandford on Thames and The Grange, Faringdon amongst our 87.3% of good or outstanding services.

Adult social care remains a sector under severe pressure, but it’s important to recognise improvement and give credit where it’s due. Well done, Oxfordshire adult social care.

See Trusted Care for more information on how local areas compare.