Community based care faces 313% fee increase

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CQC has published a consultation about the fees they propose to charge registered providers in 2016/17. Ignoring proposal 2 which relates to dental provision, the consultation presents two options for achieving full chargeable cost recovery, either by April 2018 or April 2020.

CQC receives grant-in-aid from the Government. Government policy means that they have to reduce reliance on funding from the taxpayer for chargeable activities and aim for full chargeable cost recovery for the regulated sectors. Effectively this means passing the cost from Government (taxpayer) to provider.

The consultation invites the comment of all CQC registered providers on two proposals:

  • To achieve full chargeable cost recovery; over two years between 2016-2018, or over four years between 2016-2020
  • To maintain full chargeable cost recovery levels for the dental sector by decreasing their fee charges in 2017/18

The options concerning social care allow for some eye-watering increases for community based care, which includes home care and supported living services.

  • Option 1 front-loads the increase over 2016-17 and 2017-18 with 180% and 47% increases respectively
  • Option 2 allows for increases spread over four years, with year on year increases of 72%, 50%, 35% and 19%
  • The total increase over 2 or 4 years is 313% on 2015-16 costs

Care home providers have more modest, but still inflation busting increases:

  • Option 1: 12% in 2016-17, 11% in 2017-18
  • Option 2: 8% in 2016-17, 6% in 2017-18 4% in 2018-19 and 4% in 2019-20
  • The total increase over 2 or 4 years is 24% on 2015-16 costs


The consultation is open for responses until noon on 15 January 2016.