CQC Fees consultation 2019-20

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The Care Quality Commission are consulting on fee increases for 2019-20. CQC is proposing to raise fees for community social care providers by 12.7%. We disagree with this path (and their consultation portal is a bit of a shambles too).

The government-driven drive for CQC to be a fully-funded organisation through fee recovery, runs a very real risk of driving small providers out of business operating on the margins. Implementing this continued policy is a dangerous path. In their strategy, CQC has failed to assess the impact on rural packages of care delivered by community based providers, in particular domiciliary care providers (home care). In a county like Oxfordshire, the wider impact of the fee rise implementation is that older people, who tend to live in more rural areas, are more likely to be stuck in hospital. This group are already more likely to be stranded in health services, than the urban population.

The increase in fees will add to this pressure and:

  • drive small bsinesses out of the market place, particularly those operating on the margin in rural areas
  • push up prices for those purchasing their own care
  • drive providers away from taking on publicly funded clients
  • be a barrier to new players from entering the market

See our response on LinkedIn: https://lnkd.in/eaQxVGe

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