CQC finishes first round

Phew, the Care Quality Commission has announced completion of the first round of inspections of all services (both social care and health) that were registered prior to 1 October 2014. Some 38,000 visits done amounts to a mountain of data. Whilst many services are still to be inspected, notably where services have taken over from fellow providers as business decisions based on a pressured market place have forced withdrawal, the data collected now needs to be shared to provide a true state of care.

Why is it for example that GP practices appear to be more likely to be rated outstanding? Why is it so hard for domiciliary care to achieve the same level? Many of us supporting the sector will have hunches, but the Care Quality Commission needs to provide a robust framework for providers to base their improvement on. We know funding is a major issue, but as that’s one thing we can’t change in the short-term, all other tools in the box need to be demonstrated.