CQC Single Assessment Framework update

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As many of you may have seen recently in the CQC bulletin, the Regulator is progressing with plans to implement in November, the new assessment framework. This will be rolled out regionally, starting with providers in the South of England.
The key timescales are:
  • 230 providers will be invited on to the new portal in August (we presume this will be a mix of health and care providers, eg; ASC, dentists, GPs etc)
  • In November, the portal will be rolled out to all health and care providers in the south of England (we presume this is all those in the southwest, south east and London regions)
  • Invitations to join the new portal will be sent your Nominated Individuals
  • By the end of March 2024, all health and care providers in all regions will have been onboarded
Any assessments from November onwards for providers in the South will be carried out using the new assessment framework. CQC will still schedule assessments by considering the level of risk, so not all providers will need to have an immediate assessment.
In other regions, CQC will continue to use the current assessment framework for now. CQC will provide further updates as each region moves over to using the new framework.
CQC recommend two actions for providers in the south of England:
  • Ensure that contact details for your organisation are up to date so that CQC invites the correct people to join the new portal and can keep them informed about the roll-out of the new approach
  • Read guidance to help prepare your organisation for the changes in the way regulation will happen
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