Fabian Report | national care service?

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Ben Cooper from the Fabian Society (FS) met with the Care Association Alliance recently to discuss the Fabian report about a National Care Service. The Fabian Society is an affiliated independent of the Labour Party, but acts as a think-tank ‘dedicated to new public policy and political ideas’.
The National Care Service proposal has been developed in response to the Social Care Emergency:
  • Falling spending on social care, relative to need
  • Rationed care due to funding and workforce capacity restrictions
  • An ongoing staffing crisis which will not be resolved by international recruitment
  • Unpaid family carers bearing the brunt of looking after loved ones often for longer than they want to or can physically cope with
Why a National Care Service?
  • FS recognises the need to spend more on social care, but that alone is not enough. Comprehensive reform is required.
  • A National Care Service is the necessary response to the scale of the challenge
  • It would act as a reset moment to deliver an end to “sticking plaster” approach to care from successive governments.
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