Five principles of the Mental Capacity Act

Cover page of the Mental Capacity Act 2005

OACP Training on the Mental Capacity Act is one of our most popular courses, core as it is to managing care for vulnerable people who may lack consent. The Social Care Institute for Excellence has released new resources to help with understanding the Mental Capacity Act. Whilst this does not replace our excellent face to face to training, it is a useful support to further understanding.

At the heart of the MCA in terms of concepts and values are the five ‘statutory principles’.  The five principles should be considered as the benchmark to underpin all acts done and decisions taken in relation to those who lack capacity. In doing so, you will better empower and protect individuals who lack capacity.

The resource recommends considering the principles chronologically.

Principles 1 to 3 will support the process before or at the point of determining whether someone lacks capacity.

Once you have decided that capacity is lacking, use principles 4 and 5 to support the decision-making process.

The SCIE resource includes discussion videos for further understanding.