Hft’s annual Sector Pulse Check

Hft have published their 4th annual Sector Pulse Check summarising the pressure felt by providers across a range of services. Not surprisingly, the biggest pressure felt across the sector is wage rises fuelled by unfunded NLW increases and continued uncertainty about sleep in pressures.
In last year’s report, 11% of providers warned further cuts in funding could lead to a reduction in the quality of care. This year, 43% of providers said that they had witnessed a negative effect on the quality of care they were able to provide, citing an increase in complaints, worsening CQC ratings and a decrease in morale as the most severe indicators of a decline in standards. A third of providers (33%) cited having to shed staff in the past year, while almost half (45%) have closed down some parts of the organisation and/ or handed back contracts. 52% expected to have to do so in the future.
Amazingly, 78% of providers still say that staff arrive in the sector wanting to make a difference, which speaks volumes about our staff, who have hearts like lions. The contradiction between highlighting the pressures the sector faces coupled with promoting the sector as a regarding place to work provides a difficult balance for all of us. Whilst we all support #everydaymakesadifference, part of the Every Day is Different campaign – how could we not support the only thing government has tossed our way recently – we also need government to #fixsocialcare.
Very slow progress appears to be being made through the All Party Parliamentary Commission for adult social care with government intent on a cross-Parliament (non-political?) solution, but how long can we wait?
Hft’s report indicates it can’t come soon enough for some providers.