OACP launches subscription offer

As from 1 May, OACP has become a subscription organisation with discounts and offers for Members.

Our initial year of free membership attracted 82 providers; care homes, home support and community-based organisations.

We are delighted that seven providers have already renewed their initial free membership or newly joined, as we transition from our set up year, and free membership, to a paid subscription service. A warm welcome to all of them.

For a small fee of £75 (for company turnover up to £250,000 or £100 for turnover over £250,000), adult social care providers and community organisations operating in Oxfordshire and its surrounds can benefit from:

  • 10% off published prices for each new staff member booked on to Care Certificate courses delivered by Care Training Solutions;
  • Free advertising of organisational vacancies related to services delivered in Oxfordshire. We will promote your jobs at job fairs and develop innovative ways of encouraging people to work in social care.

We also run forums for providers to share knowledge and experiences, speak up for the social care sector locally and nationally, and are developing ways for providers to grow their businesses and provide better care.

Further discounts and offers will be developed for Members as we progress through the year.

For more information, please contact us via our email or phone at the bottom of this page.

We look forward to having you as a Member.