OACP seeks Director nominations

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As part of its rolling governance, OACP is seeking nominations to its Board of Directors prior to its AGM on 23 March.

Interested persons would ideally hold a senior role within their organisation, be based in Oxfordshire and be able to reflect the views of the part of the sector that they work in. Knowledge of commissioning, NHS and other key aspects of adult social care delivery are desirable. A willingness to work in partnership and support the whole sector is essential.

OACP has a general strategy covering the following:

  • Representation – Act as a representative body for all its members within Oxfordshire, meet with commissioners of services and offer advice and guidance on existing services and new initiatives;
  • Communication – Be the main contact point for provider organisations and help to improve communication between the Council and the care sector in Oxfordshire by offering a single point of contact for commissioners and providers from all sectors;
  • Market Development – Help develop the social care market in Oxfordshire and contribute to the commissioning and delivery of personalised services (including the setting of service standards);
  • Workforce Development – Work to develop a strong workforce and skillset in Oxfordshire and provide information and advice on funding and training/ development opportunities for staff;
  • Business Development – Offer existing providers (both actual and potential) advice about business opportunities and market conditions in Oxfordshire.

Currently OACP meets its strategy by:

  • Providing training on a commercial basis;
  • Publishing Talking Care magazine as a commercially viable vehicle to promote the sector;
  • Engaging with the media to promote or correct stories of interest to press, TV or radio;
  • Holding an annual social care award event to recognise good and outstanding practice;
  • And holds the register for approved personal assistants under the Support with Confidence Scheme.

To apply please complete the attached form and return to the email address at the bottom of the form by 16 March.