Countywide, caring is becoming outstanding

We regularly, and unashamedly, publicise how well care providers are performing. In a challenging environment for delivering care, a landscape made more unwelcome by high house prices and wage costs, it is a tremendous feat for a care provider ro perform at the highest standard as rated by the Care Quality Commission. A provider needs to demonstrate that it is managing to delivers safe, responsive and effective care that is caring and well-led.

So it is that we congratulate Countywide Caring Ltd, as the latest home care provider to achieve outstanding. Countywide Caring were described as promoting “a strong caring culture that valued everyone and promoted
mutual respect. This culture ensured people received a personalised service that put them at the centre of everything the service did.” The service is innovative and takes great care in engaging with their local community.

Countywide Caring join a growing list of outstanding services in Oxfordshire:

Home care services:

Care homes:

Learning disability supported living


All worthy of congratulation.