Oxfordshire becomes less affordable

Evenlode Tower, Blackbird Leys

Is the obvious really news? Perhaps not, but the revelation published today by the Office of National Statistics provides robust evidence that the labour shortage in Oxfordshire is not going away anytime soon.

Using a handy online calculator, you can work out what income and savings you might need to get on the housing ladder. Not surprisingly, the vast majority of the County is well out of bounds to most of the social care workforce looking to get started. Of course, the statistics may be skewed by the ‘big houses down the road’ and executive salaries earned in London, but the general picture for those wishing to live in County and work in social care, and indeed for any low-paid worker in any sector, is bleak. And rents are no more affordable.

If you are already here, hold on tight and you can amuse yourself by checking what your average house price and the average income of your neighbours might be. But spare a thought for those who haven’t got a permanent housing and have no hope of doing so.

Your future wellbeing may depend on their future prospects.