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Lifetime cap on care costs draft guidance

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The government has published a draft version of its operational guidance for local authorities to implement the lifetime cap on care costs in order to consult on it. Three documents have been published: An overview of the consultation on... Read more

Thinking of Ukraine

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The desperate situation in Ukraine makes us all think about what can we do individually. If you use social media you are probably aware of local collections via schools of sanitary products and baby food for the hundreds of thousands of refugees... Read more

Living with Covid-19

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What does living with Covid-19 mean for adult social care and what changes should we expect between now and 31 March? Find out about the Government announcement and more in our latest Wednesday... Read more

Delays to testing deliveries and collections

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Alert to care homes from UKHSA | 18 Feb 2022 There may be some impact on deliveries and collections across the region today due to the extreme weather. This is likely to affect settings such as prisons and care homes. We have been informed... Read more

A disparity in testing

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We've been trying to clarify the disparity between the incoming testing regime for adult social care and the NHS workforce. As of Wednesday 16 February, adult social care will be required to carry out LFT prior to every shift (so daily for... Read more

Government issues clarification on VCOD2

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Government has issued a clarification on how the 3 February deadline (for the first dose for those currently working in CQC-regulated wider social care settings known as VCOD2) would be impacted by the Government’s intention to revoke the... Read more

VCOD – what you need to know

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Following the Government u-turn on VCOD, find all you need to know with OACP. Care Homes will be required to carry as per 11 November 2021 onwards with ensuring all visitors and care staff adhere to the Regulations regarding vaccination as a... Read more

VCOD on hold pending U-turn

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The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care has today announced that following a consultation all Regulations relating to vaccination as a condition of deployment in health and all care settings will be revoked. Full oral statement... Read more