Concerned about social care funding?

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Online Petition for social care – please sign and share
Dear Colleague,
We are sharing a link to an online petition launched this month by Somerset County Council and backed by North Somerset Council.
You’ll all be familiar with the Panorama documentaries filmed in the county last year and broadcast in May and June. They had a big impact and brought a great deal of welcome attention to the care sector, especially the challenges we all face in delivering the best possible care and support with limited funding.
Social care funding was one of the key issues in the Conservative leadership race and is still one of the subjects that the new Prime Minister is challenged on regularly.
As a sector, it’s really important that we don’t lose this momentum, particularly at a time when Brexit is dominating politics. It can only be helpful to all of us if the long-term funding of social care continues to be seen as an issue that must be addressed as a matter of urgency.
To that end I’m drawing your attention to the Somerset County Council petition. It’s hosted on or can be found by following 
It’s deliberately non-political and has the backing of all the political group leaders at the Council; calling for cross-party discussions before Christmas to end the social care funding shortfall. I hope this is something that all of you would feel you could sign up to.
Please consider signing the petition and sharing it with your staff for their consideration too. By doing so you’ll be helping keep social care on everyone’s agenda at a time when it has never been more important. 10,000 signatures trigger a formal response from the Government, 100,000 would mean it is formally considered for a debate in Parliament.
It should take less than a minute to complete and if everyone involved in providing care in Somerset were to sign it would make a real impact.
For those of you on social media, you may wish to follow the #standupforcare hashtag that Somerset County Council is using to promote the petition on Twitter and Facebook.
I hope it’s something that you will support.
Eddy McDowall
on behalf of
Simon Blackburn
CEO Somerset Registered Care Providers’ Association