Talking Care: all round Oxfordshire

Map of Talking Care outlets

Thanks to the welcome from GP surgeries and support from Oxfordshire County Libraries, Job Centre Plus and numerous care providers, you can find Talking Care in 149 places around Oxfordshire.

Talking Care brings social care to the public, encouraging conversation and debate about the state of care in Oxfordshire. It provides an informed insider view of the successful delivery of care in the County despite immense pressures on providers.

Key features in Issue 2:

  • From start up to outstanding: Caretree’s success story;
  • Which? guide to organising care at home;
  • An Inspector Calls – provider viewpoint of a CQC inspection;
  • Keeping your pearly whites healthy;
  • Caring with kindness: we home in on Sanctuary Care;
  • Shared Lives: getting inside a very special kind of care.

And so much more, including local care listings.

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