Vaccination as a condition of deployment

As of 11 November 2021, CQC-regulated care homes are required to ensure all staff and visitors to their premises are double-vaccinated against covid-19.  This policy is known as vaccination as a condition of deployment or VCOD. The legislation covers volunteers, but excludes family relatives of residents, who are still able to visit loved ones without a formal vaccination certificate. Some care homes are moving towards all visitors being vaccinated, whether family or not.

Importantly, the legislation covers suppliers visiting to maintain lifts, make deliveries if entering the care home, or anyone else not attending in an emergency, including non-urgent patient transport. People attending a care home for urgent (emergency) situations such as water or gas leaks, electricity power cuts, urgent lift repairs etc, may be admitted without double vaccination.

The legislation also includes GPs and community nurse visits, and regulatory or contractual visits by CQC or the local Council.

If you are in doubt, please phone the care home prior to visiting to check your status. The care home is required to check the vaccination status of all those visiting and may refuse entry.