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As a Member of the Oxfordshire Care Providers Association we agree to this code of conduct:

1. To act in such a manner as to enhance the reputation of service providers in the health and social care sector. In particular, as a member of the Oxfordshire Care Providers Association, to act in such a way as to safeguard the reputation of the Organisation.

2. To provide a standard of care that encourages a high quality of life for people, within their physical, intellectual and emotional potential, and taking their individual needs into account.

3. To provide a quality and caring environment, promoting a positive culture and to manage your service in a professional, proper and safe manner.

4. To adhere to all relevant legislation and regulations and to keep proper records in accordance with these, including the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

5. To be honest, ethical and sympathetic in all dealings with those being cared for, their affairs, their family and friends and to respect their dignity at all times.
6. To support effective co-operation between providers of care and commissioners, including self-funders, in order to develop sustainable solutions to the challenges of providing care for older and vulnerable people and to promote best practice.
7. To encourage and facilitate the monitoring of service provision by Oxfordshire Association of Care Providers if required and to provide appropriate information about your service on request.

8. To ensure proper procedures are in place in your organisation to sustain the business, the quality care of the individual and the well-being of staff.

9. To encourage and support a philosophy of continuous improvement in health and social care provision and life-long learning in staff.

10. To uphold the values of the Oxfordshire Association of Care Providers and work in partnership with them.
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