Protect your paper records because paper is data too – use the DSP Toolkit for Adult Social Care Providers

Do you keep a lot of information on paper in your service? That might include handwritten notes or visitors’ sign-in books, or a printout of a care plan or banking details. That information is covered by data protection legislation, CQC, NHS and local authority information governance requirements. So you need to keep it safe – just like digital records. 

Luckily the Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT) covers both paper and digital information. Don’t be put off by the name! Data is paper too.

By completing the DSPT, you can check and improve how you manage all of your information. And as part of the Better Security, Better Care programme, we provide free, expert support to help you complete the toolkit – and improve your policies, procedures and practices. 

You may feel that paper records are less vulnerable to being lost – resulting in a ‘data breach’. But that’s not the case. The Information Commissioner’s Office has fined social care providers because of a data breach involving paper records. It is so easy to leave out a paper file in an open plan office, or perhaps even take it to a meeting and leave it behind. That can result in a data breach where someone who should not have access to that data sees it. 

Also, do you not use digital technology? You may not have a full-on digital records system, but do you have at least one computer that you use for business purposes? And if you’re sharing information via mobile phones – including staff members’ own personal devices – that’s digital data that needs to be protected from a cyber-attack. 

So check and improve how you keep all your information safe. 

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Complete the Data Security and Protection Toolkit even if your records are primarily on paper. 

There are real benefits – as well as improving your practice, having the DSPT in place also opens up business opportunities, for example;

  • you need to have the DSPT if you take on NHS contracts – and many local authorities are also adding it to their requirements.
  • it can help you with your CQC inspection, as they recognise it as a good source of evidence on information governance.
  • if you want to access Digital Transformation Funding to introduce digital care records, you need to have the DSPT in place. 


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