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Get set up and registered for the Data Security & Protection Toolkit (DSPT)

IMPORTANT – Before you start you will need 2 things

  • A valid email address

Email Address: An email address is required to register the account. This email address will also become your DSPT username. The DSPT Team will use this email address to communicate the training and support program to you. We suggest using an email address that is accessible by several of your staff if you have one e.g. [email protected] – rather than using an email address that can be accessed by one person.

  • Your ODS Code

ODS Code – Please read this information first

ODS Code: Your ODS code is a unique code that the NHS applies to all its suppliers.

Find your ODS Code: ODS portal click here

First enter your postcode.  

You may think that several codes have been assigned to your organisation.  Firstly only look at the codes that are marked ‘open’. All providers usually have 2 codes assigned to them. One beginning with ‘A’ and one with ‘V’ (eg AG0Y or VM195)

‘A’ codes are referred to as Head Office codes. If you see an ‘A’ code listed for your site you should always use that one. If you don’t see an ‘A’ code listed for your postcode but you have a Head Office at a different address please check with them first before you go any further as they may already have started the process on your behalf.  Head Offices can complete one toolkit to cover all of their subsidiary sites and their subsidiaries don’t have to take any further action.

If you are a single provider with no head office and you cannot see an ‘A’ code listed then use the one starting with ‘V’ for your site.

If you don’t know your ODS Code: find it here


Registering your DSPT account

Once you have identified an email address you can use and have established what your ODS code is you can register your account.

Have a read of these instructions first and then click on the ‘REGISTER YOUR DSPT ACCOUNT’ button below to set up your account.

Data Security and Protection Toolkit Register Screenshot















You will then be prompted to enter some basic user details. Make sure you use the email address you have identified above. Press the blue continue button.

Data Security and Protection Toolkit Register Screenshot
















You will now be sent an email containing a link which you need to click on. This takes you back to the registration page to set up your password. Set up your password and make a note of it.

Make sure that all relevant staff are aware of the email address and password used to set up the Toolkit. You can now register your DSP Toolkit account by pressing on the button below and repeating the steps above.



Get further help and support from OACP

Go back to the DSPT OACP main page

DOWNLOAD the DSPT ‘Standards Met’ walk through guide

NHS Mail FAST-TRACK: how to register


Contact us during open office hours on 01235 248085

  • Let us know what your query is and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


For further information about NHSmail for Care Providers please check out the Digital Social Care Website
This offer of support is part of the Better Security, Better Care programme, funded by NHSX to support data and cyber security across the adult social care provider sector.