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OACP is delighted to offer a new opportunity for managers working in OACP Members.

We have purchased an annual membership which enables ALL Managers working for our Members a wealth of benefits.

To pick up this offer please Contact Us.

The Institute of Health and Social Management (IHSCM) is a place for social care and health managers/ staff/ students to learn, share, and create.

It’s a supportive environment that aims to provide you with the resources you need whilst also empowering you to share your knowledge with other members.

The IHSCM is your place to be the voice of, and for, health and social care.

  • An exciting and challenging personal development programme
  • Daily news updates and weekly newsletter
  • Networking and member support opportunities
  • Courses
  • Special Interest Groups
  • A full calendar of events
  • Social care guides

All courses are CPD accredited.

IHSCM are keen to to start bringing the solutions to the social care sector. Members are integral to this as we believe the voice for the sector has to be of the sector.
Our ‘Social Care Innovators’ group launched in January 2020 and has already achieved amazing outcomes that are starting to help shape the sector.
The Innovators group is made up of 8 sub groups, each with their own mission and desired outcomes to benefit the sector.
When you join the IHSCM, you’re not just becoming a member, you’re becoming a Social Care Innovator.
You will be able to work with other members and industry leaders to help create amazing solutions like our recent People Plan For Social Care, or start fantastic initiatives like our #GreenHeartForSocialCare campaign.

If you would like to make use of your benefits please use the Contact Us tab at the top of this page.

The IHSCM is the sum of its members – Here are ways you can get involved!

Follow IHSCM and share your thoughts

  • Twitter (@IHM_Tweets)
  • Facebook (@InstituteOfHealthcareManagement)
  • LinkedIn (The Institute of Healthcare Management)

Let us and your colleagues know what you’re thinking about health and social care issues:

  • via social media
  • the Members’ Forum
  • by phone/email.
  • Read our weekly e-letter to keep up to date with news, events and resources.
  • Take part in our surveys, opinion polls, Tweet chats and webinars.
  • Come along to IHSCM events – national and local.
  • Use our Members’ Forum to share ideas, resources and opinions with colleagues; to ask for help with an issue you have or resources you might need.
  • Sign up for courses and learning events: formal qualifications or knowledge and skills development.
  • Download the IHSCM ‘Fab-O-Meter’ and on a daily basis vote on ‘How was work’?
  • Join in with the ‘We Community’ for Health and Social Care Managers (Twitter).
  • With our support, how about:
  • Setting up or helping with a local or national, general or special interest IHSCM Group or event
  • Writing a book review – suggest a book or we can, and we’ll send it to you to keep
  • Sharing a blog, article, course, YouTube, Ted Talk etc. you’ve loved
  • Writing a blog or article to share with fellow members
  • Hosting a webinar, Tweet Chat, round-table event
  • Starting an ‘action learning set’
  • Using your experience to support colleagues as a mentor


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