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Oxfordshire People Plan | support to the care workforce

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The cost-of-living increases are really beginning to affect care workers, with costs continuing to spiral – find help here

New Starter Grants

The Care Workers’ Charity has partnered with Oxfordshire County Council to offer an innovative way of supporting those who are new to the care sector and preparing for their first days of work, in the form of Starter Grants. The grants launched on 24 October.
Oxfordshire County Council have made funding available to help new care workers who may need financial support to enable them to start their new jobs, and this will be administered by the Care Workers’ Charity.
These starter grants will provide funding towards a range of expenses including:
  • Travel costs to and from work
  • Childcare costs (nursery, registered childminder, school wrap-around costs such as breakfast and after school clubs)
  • Deposits towards purchase of a car
  • Purchase of a bicycle to travel to and from work
  • MOTs, car repairs
  • Uniform dress code related costs
  • Training costs falling to the applicant
Applicants will need to:
  • Be new to the care sector or may have previously worked in the care sector, but not in their current role. If unemployed since leaving care sector role, then this must be for a minimum of 3 months
  • Either work or live in Oxfordshire
  • Have an offer of employment from a care provider based in Oxfordshire
Once someone has an offer of employment, they can access these grants in the event they need financial help, by applying here https://www.thecareworkerscharity.org.uk/crisis-grant/. There is also information under the FAQs section, towards the bottom of the page. They will need to provide evidence in the form of their letter of employment, name of the organisation employing them, contact information and a few other details. Their application will be quickly assessed and if they are eligible they will be awarded a grant within a few days. These grants do not need to be paid back unless the worker does not start their employment on the date agreed with their employer.

Hardship Grants

A partnership between Oxfordshire Council and The Care Workers’ Charity means there are hardship grants available to care workers who work or live in the County to help with:

  • paying bills;
  • rent;
  • replacing washing machines and other white goods;
  • dealing with the increase in the cost of living and daily living costs, as well as help for other costs.

The average amount of grant awarded is now £750, which can make a huge difference if you need a helping hand.

Please let all your staff know about this support – the grants are not required to be paid back.

More information on the Care Workers’ Charity website or by emailing [email protected].

CWC can also run webinars for managers to talk them through the grants so they can make sure all their staff are aware of the funding which is available – please email [email protected] for more information.

If you would like posters and flyers for your staff, please email [email protected] – she will drop some off and can also talk to managers and staff about the grants and answer any questions.

To date, over 520 grants totalling more than £250,000 has been paid out to the care workforce in hardship grants.

Read the difference the grant has made to a local care worker

  • This fund isn’t about a charitable handout and nobody should feel embarrassed about applying. Everyone is feeling the financial pinch at the moment and I would encourage anyone who works as a carer in Oxfordshire to take a closer look to see if the grant can help them too“.

Food banks

SOFEA run 30 food larders across parts of Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire/ Milton Keynes.
Trussell Trust run well over 400 foodbanks across the UK.
There are further local foodbanks here:
You can also search Give Food by your parliamentary constituency to find hyper-local food banks

Financial support

Many care staff may be struggling financially. Find additional advice and support here.


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