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Oxfordshire People Plan | travel and parking in Oxford city

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Guidance for travel and parking for care workforce in Oxford city

  • Parking permits in Oxford city for carers
  • Central Oxfordshire Transport Strategy

If you deliver home care contracted by Oxfordshire County Council, you may be able to apply for a parking permit to allow your carers to park in restricted parking zones in parts of the County, particularly an issue in Oxford city.

Completed forms should be sent to [email protected]


  1. A Carer’s Permit may be issued by Oxfordshire County Council for the use by a Care Professional for the leaving of a permitted vehicle where it is necessary for the purpose of visiting a person who is a patient of a Medical Practice who requires a visit because of a medical condition, at a location other than their normal work base (and only where it is not reasonably practical for a vehicle to wait other than at that location).
  2. Please ensure that any vehicle displaying a Carer’s Permit conforms to the following regulations;
    • It is not causing an obstruction
    • It is a car or small van
    • The period of waiting does not exceed 3 hours (and there is no return within 3 hours)
    • It is parked in Permit or Resident Permit Holder bays only
    • On-street Pay and Display bays* (Free of Charge) *In postcodes RG9 and OX14 only
    • It is not parked in the following
      • Double or Single Yellow Lines
      • Bus Stops or Bus Lanes
      • Loading Bays
      • Cycle or Motorcycle bays
      • Disabled parking bays
      • Pay and Display bays (unless the appropriate fee is paid)
      • Doctors/Police/Car Club bays
  3. A Carer’s Permit must be clearly displayed inside the front windscreen on the nearside of the vehicle in such a way that the details can be easily viewed from the pavement and removed when not in use.
  4. Applicants must take responsibility for ensuring the Carer’s Permit is used strictly in accordance with the Condition of Use for Care professionals employed by Care Providers contracted to Oxfordshire County Council. Oxfordshire County Council will withdraw any Carer’s Permit found to be being misused.
  5. Written records by reference to the date of allocation and the permit identifying number to whom a Carer’s Permit was allocated to and for which company the recipient operates must be available for inspection should the Council require such information.
  6. Please be aware that should a permit be lost or damaged Oxfordshire County Council will issue a replacement for a fee of £10.00.

Alternatively, residents living in Oxford City Council area and requiring care, can apply for a Residential Carers Card. Households are limited to one carer’s cards per property:

OACP is not responsible for, or involved in, these application processes.

Central Oxfordshire Transport Strategy

Oxfordshire County Council is implementing a new strategy for managing traffic flow in Oxford.

More details here [external link]

We understand that care workers will be allowed permits to pass through LTN barriers.


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