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Oxfordshire People Plan | Wheels to Work

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A new initiative funded through Job Centre Plus enables people seeking work to get access to a 50cc or 125cc moped to enable them to get to work. Wheels to Work provides a fully serviced, insured moped with a maintenance plan, roadside assistance, secure lock, delivery and tracker, on a lease arrangement. Oxfordshire job seekers looking to work in social care can benefit through this.

As a basic starting point, all applicants will need a Provisional Driving Licence (£34 online or £43 postal service)

For costing purposes (see also the Wheels to Work Quick Guide), the following applies:

  • 125 cc hire fee | £52 per week
  • 50 cc hire fee | £46 per week
  • Provisional licence | £34 online or £43 by post
  • An online provisional licence currently takes one week to process
  • Compulsory Basic Test (CBT) starts at £150 for a day’s training

Riding Kit

  • All of the below items are waterproof, non-waterproof options are approximately £10 to £20 cheaper for a jacket, for example.
  • Some items and sizes are occasionally out of stock, but once back in stock options will be provided.  Although, long term supply issues remain generally there is an alternative available at a similar cost.
  • The below items are RRP, and subject to a 25% discount.

Lower priced items

Higher priced items

Download a summary of the process and costings here


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