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Writing a Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae word cloud

This Resource provides a model CV written in a chronological (date) order.

A CV means a curriculum vitae. It’s Latin for ‘course of life’. It is a standard way of summarising your experience, skills and education. A standard CV in the UK should be no longer than two sides of A4 paper.

Your CV should be full of relevant information to help an employer make the decision to choose you. As a minimum it should include your contact details including:

  • your full name (including any change of name after marriage or by deed poll);
  • your current address;
  • mobile or other contact phone number;
  • an up to date email address.

Include your education with the most recent first and any professional qualifications.


  • You will need to include two references – two people who can provide positive comments on your previous employment or experiences, or on your personal character. If not work references, ideally they should be people of good reputation in the local community, such as a Head Teacher or a Faith Leader


  • Include any general skills and talents you have. For example, the ability to work in a team, manage people, customer service skills, or specific IT skills. Think about the job you are applying for and tailor the skills to the job role.

Work experience

This can include paid or voluntary roles. For care work, do include personal experience you have had with family.

Make sure you cover any gaps in your working life with a suitable explanation such as ‘raising children’, or ‘working abroad’


  •  include a photo;
  •  include date of birth, or place of birth;
  • lie – you may be committing a crime and if our potential employer finds out, you could lose the job you want to get.



Do  check your CV. Ask someone to read it through for you.