Milca Mugo

Personal Statement

I am a very social character in the community and easy to get along with. I am a team player, and I have good communication skills. My long term experience in this field of social care has given me great insight. I am compassionate towards the vulnerable control in potentially dangerous situations and understanding towards the needy. I am a committed person who finishes tasks and see them through to the end, I lead by example, and I have values such as respect and kindness.

  • Care of Medicines and Administration
  • Emergency First Aid
Which tasks are you interested in doing as a Personal Assistant?
  • Personal care
  • Social & Leisure activities
  • Domestic Assistance
  • Work or study support
  • Other
  • 432
  • Monday Afternoon
  • Monday Evening
  • Monday Night
  • Tuesday Morning
  • Tuesday Afternoon
  • Tuesday Evening
  • Tuesday Night
  • Wednesday Morning
  • Thursday Morning
  • Thursday Afternoon
  • Thursday Evening
  • Thursday Night
  • Friday Morning
  • Friday Evening
  • Friday Night
  • Saturday Morning
  • Saturday Night
  • Sunday Morning
  • Sunday Afternoon
  • Sunday Evening
  • Sunday Night