Support with Confidence

Cordilia Murombedzi

Personal Statement

I am a Registered Nurse since 2008. I love to care and make a difference to someone’s life. I have worked in different wards and different hospitals and I understand the importants of looking after people in their own homes. This is the reason why I have a passion to look after people in their own environment. I have been a health care assistant before I trained to be a nurse and I have looked after people with different illnesses and disbilities including people with dementia and have a good experience in looking after them.
I can also take care of patients who are on PEG feeding , who have urinal catheters. I can do dressings and those basic care which can be done while a patient is at home and which does not need hospitalisation. I am a hard working person and I have compassion and always respect my clients all the time. I always ask for consent before I give care to my clients and respect their wishes. I always maintain dignity when I give care to my clients and I document any care I give to my client and raise any issues which I feel they need to be raised to appropriate people.
I have learnt to work well in a multi disciplinary team knowing each and everyone’s skill is very important in the caring of a patient/client. I love to help people if I can inorder for them to achieve their day to day activities. I always work within my limitations and in have learnt to take constructive critiscism positively as it is a way of learning and therby improving my knowledge and skills. Above all, transparency is very important when working with people and it is important to always bear that in mind.

  • Care of Medicines and Administration
  • Emergency First Aid
Which tasks are you interested in doing as a Personal Assistant?
  • Personal care
  • Social & Leisure activities
  • Work or study support
  • 432
  • 433
  • 448
  • 435
  • 464
  • 449
  • Monday Morning
  • Tuesday Morning
  • Tuesday Afternoon
  • Tuesday Evening
  • Wednesday Morning
  • Wednesday Afternoon
  • Thursday Morning
  • Thursday Evening
  • Friday Morning
  • Friday Afternoon
  • Saturday Morning
  • Saturday Evening