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What is the Data Security and Protection Toolkit?

“The DSPT is an online self-assessment tool for data security, supporting organisations to ensure that they have the right processes and practices in place to manage and hold data safely” NHS 2020.

Video available online from Digital Social Care 

It is compulsory to successfully complete the DSPT if you have an NHS Mail Account.
During the Covid-19 outbreak, the NHS temporarily waived this requirement.
However, this waiver came to an end on the 1 October 2020.

From the 1 October 2020, all CQC registered care providers will need to complete this data protection assessment (regardless of whether or not you have an existing NHS Mail Account) within the next 12 months. 

To help you, a national program of support and training in data protection and compliance (along with a new more care specific toolkit) has been launched. There will be a program of local support from the Oxfordshire Association of Care Providers delivered in partnership with Berkshire Care Association and Buckinghamshire Care Association (MKB Care).

The programme will include interactive webinars, online workshops and support. Dates and events will be published in early 2021. You can download a PDF with further information here: About the Data Security and Protection Toolkit.pdf 


What are the benefits of NHS Mail?

  • Digital solutions e.g. access to digital care home ward rounds

  • Easier/faster communications with the GP

  • Simpler process for ordering tests (blood/urine)

  • Enhanced prescription ordering process

  • Reliable digital discharge summary process

  • Reduce time spent on admin tasks

  • Increased collaboration over hospital admissions/appointments

  • Access to the NHS Directory


What do I need to do now?

Data Security and Protection Toolkit Oxfordshire Association of Care ProvidersPlease note that although the new requirement comes into force from the 1 October 2020 you are not expected to have completed the assessment by this date. The National Support program is expected to run until June 2021 giving Care Providers plenty of opportunity to access the resources available.


Set up and register your account with the DSPT

Registering is simple and straightforward, this will only take a few minutes click here for: INSTRUCTIONS

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Support available to help you complete the DSPT

A program of support and guidance has been launched to help you complete the process – click here for: SUPPORT



  • Let us know what your query is and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Further DSPT resources are available here from Digital Social Care


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For further information about NHS Mail for Care Providers please check out the Digital Social Care Website

This project is part of a wider programme supporting the delivery of the
National Cyber Security Strategy across adult social care services. The programme, which is led by Digital Social Care, the Local Government Association and the newly created NHSX, works to develop practical solutions to the data and cyber security challenges faced by adult social care providers in England.