Celebrating Oxfordshire’s Adult Social Care

On Friday 23 March, care providers took time out to celebrate Oxfordshire's Adult Social Care. Nearly 100 people gathered at the Kassam Stadium to share good practice and applaud outstanding individuals and services. Oxfordshire has 13... Read more

Oxfordshire Adult Social Care Awards 2018

Oxfordshire Care Awards 2016

We are pleased to announce the Oxfordshire Social Care Awards; a sector-wide opportunity to celebrate the fantastic work delivered by care providers that make a difference everyday and to recognise particular individuals who make it... Read more

Make a difference everyday: Anita’s story

Anita Crook, 46, works for OHFT at the NHS Fiennes Centre in Banbury. She works alongside her colleagues supporting patients in the community in Banbury and surrounding villages with the aim of preventing illnesses from becoming more serious, so... Read more

A fight for justice

Cover photo of Justice for Laughing Boy

I can't remember the last time I read a book from start to finish. Perhaps a holiday book; more likely when I was much younger and had the time to wallow in the wordsmith's creation. Book readers may recognise that detachment from the here and now,... Read more

CQC: State of Care 2014-2017

Today the Care Quality commission (CQC) releases its major report on the state of adult social care in England for the latest wave of inspections. The Report provides an excellent and informative overview of the relevant health of different parts of... Read more

Future proofing social care funding

Now the dust has begun to settle on the snap election result, we can weigh up the true importance of social care in current government policy. The profile of social care was much higher in this last election that it has been in recent memory.... Read more

Dementia Friends – Awareness and Training

Do you know someone who has Dementia? Would you like to know more about it but don't know where to start? Is it really all the doom and gloom the media keeps telling us or is there hope in the diagnosis of Dementia?   I would like to... Read more

Valentine’s Day on a budget

Following agreement on Oxfordshire County Council's budget on Valentine's Day, we look at the implications for Adult Social Care.  Last December, the Government announced changes to how much it will permit Councils, which deliver Adult Social Care,... Read more

Home Care – rising prices reflect rising costs

BBC South's Inside Out will tonight explore the rising cost of home care and in particular look at why Oxfordshire County Council pays providers the highest rate in the country to deliver much needed services in people's homes. To people working... Read more

Oxfordshire Care Awards

Oxfordshire Care Awards 2016

Following a fabulous conference on workforce capability, Oxfordshire Care Providers took time out on Monday 14 November to celebrate Oxfordshire's first social care awards recognising quality care, support and leadership in the local social care... Read more